Tales of a Suburban Haunting – EVP’s

Audio studio digital voice recording voiceover sound wave on computer screen.

In honor of Halloween, please enjoy some EVP’s from a recent paranormal investigation done on my house. This was the first investigation ever done, and I’m intrigued to do more. Let me know which is your favorite, and what you think they are saying.

These EVP’s were recorded by the team in empty rooms, and in my opinion, many of the voices captured seem to indicate that the ghosts knew the investigation team was there.

In fact, I would go so far as to say the ghosts in the house were not only hiding, but warning each other of the investigators presence.

There are, of course, some random chilling moans and screams which are a little unnerving, because I like to believe the ghosts in my house are happy, on the whole. They might just be echos in time, sounds stuck in the web of the universe.

These recordings were done by professionals and are 100% untouched however a few had noise reduction done but no other sound altering. Be sure to turn your volume up. Enjoy!

EVP#1 was taken from my foyer. It seems to me like the ghost is warning the others “they’re coming.”


EVP #2 and #3 are just random moans/shouts


EVP #4 is one of my favorites. This was taken in the room where I told you the “brothers” stay. It sounds to me like one says “Wow” then proceeds to talk very quietly. The other brother must not like the noise level because he very clearly says “Ssshhhhhh” at the end. Decide for yourself.


EVP #5 is very short. It is a noise reduced clip of what sounds like a child asking a question.


EVP#6 occurred in response to a question. The historian discovered that the land my house was built on was a poor farm back in the 1800’s where lots of people lived and worked. The investigator asked out loud what happened to the owners of the farm. This was the response. Sounds to me like “they let it go.” Though I’m not sure what it means, it was a direct answer to a question which would lead you to believe this ghost was intelligent and interactive, and not just a loop or echo.


EVP #7 was a voice in a room I didn’t know had “guests”. It sounds to me like “Help, …we’re here” or something similar. You decide.


EVP #8 seems to be one ghost alerting the others of the investigators presence. It sounds to me like he’s saying “they’re coming closer.”

These are the best of what was captured, and while I wish I had a picture or video of Joe hanging out on the upper level in his blue flannel shirt and jeans, if it were that easy to get proof of life beyond, everyone would have it, right?

Believe it or don’t, but enjoy a goosebump or two. Happy Halloween!

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