Hi everyone and welcome to my words! I’m glad you’re here.

I’ve revamped my page and started fresh, because…why not, so don’t be surprised if the old posts have disappeared. If you’re looking for something in particular that was on here, just message me and I’ll dig through the archives.

There has been so much interest surrounding my real life haunted house lately, that I decided what better way to kick off the new format than telling some of my favorite stories about the house and the ten years I lived there.

Even this first post below has started a lot of great, private conversations regarding other folks’ experiences with ghosts and spirits. I hope to generate a discussion on paranormal topics in general, and I hope to touch on all subjects in some way.

This house isn’t my first experience with the unexplained. Ever since I was very, very young, my brain was just more “open” to this sort of thing. I think that’s why I’ve had the experiences that I did. Dreams, feelings, sensing, and more. As an adult I have a healthy fascination/fear with the paranormal.

A bad Ouija experience in college taught me not to open doors you don’t know how to close. I’m still scarred by that to this day, and that game isn’t EVER allowed in my house again. That’s a whole different series of posts entirely, I guess.

I plan to post about once a week, but in the beginning I might post more often because I’m really excited to share some of what I went through. Hit the follow button so you won’t miss a post. Things might be a little irregular with the new content for a while since I’m distance learning kids, working a full time job and managing my home and hobbies.

I never imagined anyone would really be interested in the stories. To be honest, I was embarrassed to talk about them, so I’ve kept them to myself. People can be cruel, and cynics can be strong. We’ll call it a personal growth exploration that I’m sharing my thoughts like this.

So you know, I’m also an author—no I don’t have books published yet, but I’m working on it—so don’t be surprised if you see bookish/authorish posts in between the paranormal.

Enjoy, and I look forward to starting some cool discussions.

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